Offer the highest quality and the best guarantee is our commitment to our customers. All items have a guarantee of two years from the date of delivery. All products sold by are products of the best brands and are provided complete with official guarantees.

As a rule of law, all products are covered in the consumer by a 24-month warranty. Such a guarantee under European law must be provided by the producer (in the case of European production products) or by the importer (in the case of extra-European production products).

The addresses of the National Service Centres are usually always indicated on the guarantee themselves. In case you have problems, we are always available to help you, but in no case may be required to provide additional or replacement guarantees of those provided by the Official Assistance.

What is not included in the warranty?

  • There are no defects caused by negligence, shocks, improper use, tampering, voltage or incorrect installation or tear and tear.

The guarantee will be nothing :

  • If a detail of the warranty or proof of purchase is changed, altered or replaced ;
  • If the identification number or the guaranteed product is tampered with or repaired, without the prior authorization from the Technical Service.